3D Printed Avatar Pendant

€ 180.00

3D Printed Coloured Nylon

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3D Print in one piece, including the flexible hook.

The Avatar Pendant is made out of internet symbols that are rather typical for the 21st century such as, space invaders, facebook likes, hearts, bikes, stars, a rainbow, arrows, “little Mister”, a canal building, I ★ T-T and smilies.


  • Large flexible hook for chains up to 10 mm
  • Displayed on a 6,5 mm pearl 144 cm long necklace that can be ordered separate.
  • Total size Avatar Pendant: ± 9 cm – 11 cm


Art director: Antoinette van den Berg
Model: Cherella Gessel
Photography:  Renata Chede


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Red, Pink, Yellow, Purple